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World Environment Day – 5 June 2015. How we can save our planet

World Environment Day – 5 June 2015. Why we save our Environment. How we can save our planet. The theme for this year’s World Environment Day celebrations “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care”.

World Environment Day – How we can save our planet


5th June 1972, world leaders got together to think seriously about our Earth’s future for the first time. Leaders of 113 countries met in the Stockholm Conference, and agreed upon a plan to reverse some of the damages. It was the first time that issues like CFCs and global warming were discussed.

One of its best achievements of Stockholm Conference was the Montreal Protocol, which banned CFCs and help stop ozone depletion. The UNEP today funds environmental protection activities in many countries, and is helping countries draw up a treaty to stop global warming.

The anniversary of the Stockholm Conference is celebrated as World Environment Day every year on June 5. Each year, there is a special theme. It is run by the UNEP.

The theme for this year’s World Environment Day celebrations “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care”.

World Environment Day is an initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme to raise awareness about environmental issues.

World Environment Day is the largest, most celebrated global day for positive environmental action.

Why we save our Environment

Environment is a life supporting system of our planet. Environment provides us all things to live. Without Environment we can’t imagine life on earth. Environment protects biodiversity. Biodiversity include all types of plants, animals, birds and micro-organisms, their genes, their habitats and all the ecosystems. Overexploitation of natural resources harms Environment and natural beauty of earth. Urbanization, industrialization, deforestation and various pollutions are the main sources of degradation of nature and natural resources. Hunting, poaching and developmental activities also harms Environment. Environment gives us the fresh air to breathe, the pure water to drink, and the fresh food to eat. Environment is essential for our existence on earth, so we literally need to conserve Environment.

Threats to Environment

      1. Anthropogenic Interventions. More Detail Click here

  1. Fragmentation of natural forest areas. More Detail Click here
  1. Hunting and poaching of wildlife. More Detail Click here
  1. Herb collection from natural forest. More Detail Click here
  1. Firewood and Timber Collection from natural forest areas.  More Detail Click here
  1. Population growth is responsible for degradation of Environment.  More Detail Click here
  1. Tourism and Its Impacts on natural resources & Environment. More Detail Click here
  1. Pollution is a biggest problem for Environment. More Detail Click here
  1. Deforestation harms nature and natural resources. More Detail Click here
  1. Agriculture and Shifting Cultivation. More Detail Click here

How we can save our Environment

  1. Organize plantation programmes.
  2. Organizing, Participation and Promotion of events and programmes related to environment conservation, pollution control, environmental education & awareness, sustainable development, disaster management, plantation, biodiversity & wild life conservation.
  3. Organizing events to educate peoples about the importance of environment, to existence of life on earth and the benefits of sustainable utilization of nature and natural resources.
  4. Identifying the areas which have rich biodiversity and facing anthropogenic activities like shifting cultivation, overexploitation of forest produce, overgrazing, poaching, habitat destruction etc. and take a suitable action for conservation of these areas.
  5. Encouraging peoples for adopting Sustainable development and utilizing renewable energy resources like Biomass energy, Biogas, geothermal energy, wind energy, solar energy etc.
  6. Aware peoples about Disaster management, Global warming, Acid rain, Ozone depletion and Sources, causes, Effects and control of various (air, water, land, noise, marine, thermal, nuclear etc.) pollutions.

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