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Survey of PRN area Jaipur Rajasthan

Survey of PRN area Jaipur Rajasthan

Total area about 11000 Bigha totally agricultural land in 1989. After 1989 Rajasthan government taking over this land for PRN Yojana. Due to PRN Yojana farmers sold out their land and private societies developed residential colonies. Due to all these activities the natural flora of this area has almost lost. These developmental activities also harms fauna of the area. In this survey ANCO analyzing the depleted flora and its effects on fauna & local communities of Rajasthan.

Importance of biodiversity conservation

Biodiversity act as life support system of our planet. It provides us the air to breathe, the water to drink, and the food to eat. Biodiversity is essential for our existence on Earth. Wetlands filter pollutants from water, trees and plants reduce global warming by absorbing carbon-di-oxide and micro-organism fertilize the soil. Medicines originating from various wild species, which saved millions of lives. Forest patches in urban areas act as “lungs” to the city. Forest patches reduce the pollution level of rural and even urban settings. We need to conserve biodiversity since our lives depend on it.

Impacts of biodiversity loss

  1. Loss of natural beauty
  1. Loss of nature and natural resources
  1. Loss of water resources
  1. Loss of land resources
  1. Loss of local resources
  1. Land degradation
  1. Air pollution
  1. Water pollution
  1. Noise pollution
  1. Thermal pollution
  1. Other pollutions

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