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Description Red panda – Ailurus fulgens

Red panda (Ailurus fulgens) complete detail – updated. Description Red panda – Ailurus fulgens. Classification of Red panda (Ailurus fulgens). Habit and habitat Red panda (Ailurus fulgens). They prefer deciduous and coniferous forests. They are usually found in the trees. They are excellent climbers, and the semi-retractable claws allow them to be efficient climbers and when not foraging, forage largely in trees. The weight of Red …

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Description and classification of Butterfly fish – Chaetodon falcula

Butterfly fish (Chaetodon falcula) complete detail. Description and classification of Butterfly fish (Chaetodon falcula). Size of Butterfly fish is between 6 to 20 cm. They prefer open swimming space and plenty of well-structured live rock, caves and crevices for territory,  security and shade. The body Butterfly fish is colorful, flat, more or less oval, with snout elongated and robust for looking for food …

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State Bird of Andhra Pradesh – complete detail – updated

State Bird of Andhra Pradesh – complete detail – updated. Description of State Bird of Andhra Pradesh. Name of State Bird of Andhra Pradesh is Indian roller. Classification of Indian roller. Habit and habitat of Indian roller. Indian roller, generally found in cultivation, thin forest and grassland. They are mostly found near the edges of the forest rather than deep forest. They are also …

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