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Medicinal uses of Hamsapadi (Adiantum philippense)

Hamsapadi (Adiantum philippense) complete detail. Medicinal uses of Hamsapadi (Adiantum philippense). Description of Hamsapadi (Adiantum philippense).  Classification of Hamsapadi. Habit and habitat of Hamsapadi. Local Name of Adiantum philippense is Hamsapadi. Adiantum philippense is a small and delicate fern.  Adiantum philippense is well known for its antioxidant potential. Decoction of fresh leaves used  as stomachic and diuretic and also used as a cure for dysentery. Fronds extract …

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Medicinal uses of Peeli Kaner (Thevetia peruviana)

Peeli Kaner (Thevetia peruviana) complete detail. Medicinal uses of Peeli Kaner (Thevetia peruviana). Description of Peeli Kaner (Thevetia peruviana). Classification of Peeli Kaner (Thevetia peruviana).  Thevetia peruviana is an evergreen tropical shrub or small tree that bears yellow or orange-yellow, trumpet like flowers and its fruit is deep red/black in color encasing a large seed. It contains a milky sap. Propagate by seed in spring. Can …

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Medicinal Uses of Gloriosa superba (Flame lily)

Medicinal Uses of Gloriosa superba (Flame lily). Gloriosa superba (Flame lily) complete detail. Habit and habitat of Gloriosa superba (Flame lily). Flame lily is a perennial tuberous climbing herb. They prefer tropical forest. It is a beautiful ornamental plant. Flame lily is the National flower of Zimbabwe. The length of flame lily is between 3 to 6 meters, and trained at 1.5 meter …

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Medicinal Uses of Xanthium strumarium (Chota dhatura)

Xanthium strumarium (Chota dhatura)  complete detail – updated. Medicinal Uses of Xanthium strumarium (Chota dhatura). Description of Xanthium strumarium (Chota dhatura) – Common Cocklebur. Classification of Xanthium strumarium (Chota dhatura). Local name of Xanthium strumarium is Common Cocklebur and Chota dhatura. Xanthium strumarium is an annual herb, up to 1 m in height. Xanthium strumarium has stout stems, green, brownish or reddish-brown in color, often red-spotted that …

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Goose grass (Eleusine indica) Complete detail – updated

Goose grass (Eleusine indica) Complete detail – updated. Description of Goose grass (Eleusine indica). Medicinal uses of Goose grass (Eleusine indica). Mainly used as fodder. Classification of Goose grass (Eleusine indica). Decoction of the fresh plant used as a diuretic and for dysentery, Also used for the treatment of fever, Dandruff, Post-partum, Sprains and lumbago, Hemoptysis, hypertension, hemoptysis, asthma, jaundice etc. Goose grass is one of the …

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