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Rana tigrina (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus) complete detail


Rana tigrina (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus) complete detail – updated. Description of Rana tigrina (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus). Classification of Rana tigrina (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus). Habit and habitat of Rana tigrina (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus). They prefer freshwater wetlands and aquatic habitats. Generally they avoid coastal and forest areas. Rana tigrina is a beautiful frog. It is the largest frog in India. Size of Rana tigrina is between 5 to …

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Description of Sooty tern – Onychoprion fuscatus


Sooty tern (Onychoprion fuscatus) – complete detail – updated. Description of Sooty tern – Onychoprion fuscatus. Sooty tern is a beautiful bird. Habit and habitat of Sooty tern. They prefer tropical oceans and some sub-tropical regions.  Adult Sooty tern has blackish crown and hind neck, and upper parts. The underparts are white with blackish flight feathers. Size of adult sooty tern is …

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Description of Sarus crane – Grus antigone – Saras


Sarus crane – Grus antigone complete detail. Description of Sarus crane – Grus antigone – Saras. Classification of Sarus crane. Habit and habitat of Sarus crane. They prefer wetlands areas. They also found in cultivated areas, canals, ponds, and marshes. During dry season, Sarus Crane is found in shallow wetlands, cultivated fields,……….. The sarus crane is the tallest flying bird in the world, standing at a height …

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State bird of Punjab (Northern goshawk) complete detail – updated


State bird of Punjab (Northern goshawk) complete detail – updated. Description of State bird of Punjab. Name of the State bird of Punjab is Northern goshawk. Habit and habitat of Northern goshawk. They prefer wooded areas, open woods, deciduous, coniferous and mixed forests.  Size of adult male Northern goshawk is between 45 to 60 cm and the length of female is between is between 55 to …

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