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State animal of Meghalaya – complete detail – updated


State animal of Meghalaya – complete detail – updated. Description of state animal of Meghalaya. Name of state animal of Meghalaya is Clouded leopard. Habit and habitat of Clouded leopard. They prefer evergreen tropical forest but they have also been sighted in other habitats, such as secondary forest, logged forest, mangrove swamp, grassland, scrub land, dry……… Clouded Leopard is a beautiful and colorful cat. It gets its …

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State animal of Delhi (Nilgai) complete detail – updated


State animal of Delhi (Nilgai) complete detail – updated. Description of State animal of Delhi. Name of the State animal of Delhi is Nilgai. Habit and habitat of Nilgai. They prefer arid areas, grassy steppe woodlands, scrub areas, dry deciduous forests and agricultural areas. The weight of male Nilgai is between 180 to 240 kg, and weight of female is between 120 to 220 kg. …

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