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Description of Serow (Capricornis sumatraensis) Saza

Serow (Capricornis sumatraensis) Saza complete detail. Description of Serow (Capricornis sumatraensis) Saza. Habit and habitat of Serow. Distribution of Serow. They prefer mountainous areas at altitudes of between 200 to 3,050 meter. They are exceedingly active animal. They found from Kashmir to the Mishmi Hills in Assam, eastwards through the hill ranges of Yunan and Szechuan, the hills of Burma, Siam, Malay Peninsula, and Sumatra. …

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Description of Fishing cat – Prionailurus viverrinus

Fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) complete detail. Description of Fishing cat – Prionailurus viverrinus. Classification of Fishing cat. Habit and habitat of Fishing cat. They prefer dense forested regions, and wetland areas. They also found in scrub areas, reed beds, tidal creek areas, vegetated areas near water, marshes, mangroves, rivers, and streams. The weight of fishing cat is between 5 to 16 kg.  Size between 65 to 86 …

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