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Ashy crowned sparrow lark (Eremopterix griseus) complete detail

Ashy crowned sparrow lark (Eremopterix griseus) complete detail. Description of  Ashy crowned sparrow lark (Eremopterix griseus). Classification of  Ashy crowned sparrow lark (Eremopterix griseus). Habit and habitat of Ashy crowned sparrow lark. They prefer open dry habitats. They found in stubble, scrub, plains in open land with bare ground, grass, waste-land, riverside sand and tidal flats on the coast. The bill of ashy crowned sparrow lark …

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Rose colored starling (Pastor roseus) complete detail – updated

Rose colored starling (Pastor roseus) complete detail – updated. Description of rose colored starling (Pastor roseus) rosy starling. Classification of Rose colored starling (Pastor roseus). Habit and habitat of Rose colored starling. Rose coloured starling is a social bird generally found in large groups, occasionally in small groups or in pairs. Rose coloured starling have nape feathers hackled and elongate, forming long erectile crest. Dorsal surface of wing feather dark brown and iridescent …

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State bird of Jharkhand (Asian koel) complete detail – updated

State bird of Jharkhand (Asian koel) complete detail – updated. Description of state bird of Jharkhand. Name of state bird of Jharkhand is Asian koel. The Asian koel is a bird of light woodland and cultivation. They prefers staying in a dense thick forest with thick trees and bamboos, light woodland and cultivation areas. Color of adult male Asian koel is glossy bluish-black …

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State Bird of Odisha (Indian roller) – complete detail – updated

State Bird of Odisha (Indian roller) – complete detail – updated. Description of State Bird of Odisha. Name of State Bird of Odisha is Indian roller. Habit and habitat of Indian roller. They generally found in cultivation, thin forest and grassland. Size of Indian roller is between 25 cm to 35 cm including the tail. The Weight of adult is between 70 g. to 100 g. Indian Roller …

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Painted Sandgrouse (Pterocles Indicus) Complete detail

Painted Sandgrouse (Pterocles Indicus) Complete detail. Description of Painted Sandgrouse (Pterocles Indicus) – Bhat teetar. Classification of Painted Sandgrouse (Pterocles Indicus). Habit and habitat of Painted Sandgrouse. They found in dry regions in rough grassland, rocky areas and scrub and feeds mainly on seeds.  The painted Sandgrouse is a resident bird found throughout the central, north western India. It is a terrestrial bird …

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State bird of Uttarakhand – Complete detail – updated

State bird of Uttarakhand – Complete detail – updated. Description of state bird of Uttarakhand. Name of state bird of Uttarakhand is Himalayan monal. Habit and habitat of Himalayan monal. They prefer open, coniferous or mixed forests resplendent with rhododendron and bamboo. Himalayan monal is a colorful bird. Size of adult Himalayan monal is between 60 to 72 cm. The weight of adult is between 1.70 to 2.40 …

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