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Description of Common Leopard butterfly – Phalanta phalantha

Common Leopard butterfly (Phalanta phalantha) complete detail. Description of Common Leopard butterfly – Phalanta phalantha. Classification of Common Leopard butterfly. Habit and habitat of Common Leopard butterfly. They are usually seen alone or in small groups. Males sometimes imbibe moisture from damp sand along riverbanks, but are more strongly attracted to patches of urine, and to dung……… The color of upper wings bright orange, with yellow appearance. The wings …

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Description of White orange tip butterfly – Ixias marianne

White orange tip butterfly (Ixias marianne) complete detail. Description of White orange tip butterfly – Ixias marianne. Classification of White orange tip butterfly (Ixias marianne). Habit and habitat of  White orange tip butterfly (Ixias marianne).  They prefer scrub-lands, dry deciduous forests, and open plains. They also found in savannahs, woodlands, open areas, beach hinterlands, agricultural land and mixed deciduous forests. In females Ixias marianne, the base of the forewings is black and have a …

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Blue pansy (Junonia orithya) complete detail – updated

Blue pansy (Junonia orithya) complete detail – updated. Description of Blue pansy (Junonia orithya). Classification of Blue pansy (Junonia orithya). Habit and habitat of Blue pansy (Junonia orithya). They prefer open habitats, like grasslands, wastelands, woodlands, open forest areas and farmlands.  The color of body is dark bright black or brown. The head is bifurcated and black with an orange patch and …

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Description of Common Grass Yellow butterfly – Eurema hecabe

Common Grass Yellow butterfly (Eurema hecabe) – complete detail. Description of Common Grass Yellow butterfly – Eurema hecabe. Classification of Common Grass Yellow butterfly (Eurema hecabe).  Habit and habitat of Common Grass Yellow butterfly (Eurema hecabe). They prefer open forest areas, wastelands and grasslands. They also found along roadsides and riverbanks, and in parks and gardens at elevations between sea level and about 1000 metres They …

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Description of Danaid Eggfly – Hypolimnas misippus

Danaid Eggfly (Hypolimnas misippus) complete detail. Description of Danaid Eggfly – Hypolimnas misippus. Classification of Danaid Eggfly. Distribution of Danaid Eggfly (Hypolimnas misippus).  Habit and habitat of Danaid Eggfly. Danaid Eggflies prefer wetlands, woodlands and open areas. They also found in desert, savannah, acacia scrub, well vegetated beaches, tropical rainforest, and botanical gardens. Males bask on the ground, or perch with wings half-open on bushes, to await …

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Blue tiger butterfly (Tirumala limniace) complete detail

Blue tiger butterfly (Tirumala limniace) complete detail. Description of Blue tiger butterfly (Tirumala limniace). Classification of Blue tiger butterfly (Tirumala limniace). Habit and habitat of Blue tiger butterfly. They prefer scrub forest, dry deciduous woodlands, and humid sub-tropical forests habitat. They also found in gardens and parks at altitudes between sea level and about 300m…………. Blue Tiger Butterflies have brownish black upper parts, with bluish white semi hyaline spots and streaks. …

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